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Church of the Divine Word, Marley Grange, Dublin 16

New Church Car Park

The original church car park was completed in 1984 at the time of Church construction. It was a simple bitmac surface with no drainage or markings and with 3 landscaped islands, one of which contained the sole lighting column. The new church car park was designed to cater for:

  • Church and Parish Centre : church ceremonies, weddings, funerals, recitals, social events, etc
  • Divine Word National School: the greater use of cars has created a need for ordered drop-off/pick-up of pupils adjacent to the school.

Accordingly, there are competing requirements in terms of layout and operation, while activities can extend into the hours of darkness. There are 3 vehicular entrances to the car park, the dominant one being from Marley Rise. Further, there are 4 pedestrian entrances. Recognising these constraints, the over-riding objective in the design of the new car park was to create a safe environment for all users at all times of the day, given a reasonable expectation of good user behaviour. Following detailed site surveys, a number of potential layouts were developed. The chosen design consists of a herringbone layout with one-way clockwise traffic movement. Critical to the design is the creation of safe pedestrian paths or refuges, the main one being a raised path running the length of the car park. In short, the design intent was all about ‘bringing order to the chaos’. The completed car park delivers the following:

  • A proper traffic management system with fully lined car park.
  • 40 lined car park spaces with 2 disabled spaces.
  • Designated coloured pedestrian routes for church and school users
  • Surface water drainage connected to the Council system
  • Public lighting
  • A site for St Joseph’s Bell

In ensuring the safe use of the facility, there are a number of important rules for drivers as follows:

  • Follow the direction arrows at all times – no short-circuiting
  • Use designated parking spaces only – no parking on hatched areas or paths
  • Always drive in to spaces and reverse out
  • Yield right of way to pedestrians at all times
  • Observe the speed limit of 5 kph at all times

Similarly, pedestrians should:

  • Use the designated pedestrian paths only
  • Observe normal ‘Rules of the Road’ at crossings and vehicle conflict points
  • Ensure that children are supervised and guided safely to their destination

In conclusion, the new car park is a private Parish Community facility to be used at the individual user’s risk. Please respect the facility and other users.