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Finance Committee

Al McCauley

Phone: 087-2813888
Email: almccauley@gmail.com


Al McCauley [Chairperson], Fr. Jim Mulherin, Tony Bardon, Gerry McCormack, Gerald Murphy, Declan Byrne


Kieran Farrell

Summary of group activities

The Parish Finance Committee is an advisory committee assisting the Parish Priest by clarifying the issues and making recommendations so that he is fully aware of all aspects of parish finances when making any particular decision.

The key advisory roles of this committee are:

  1. The financial management and administration of parish assets.
  2. Making projections and monitoring the income and expenditure of the parish.
  3. Ensuring the adequacy of the parish book-keeping and accounting systems.
  4. Ensuring that there are adequate supervisions and controls in place for collections and handling of cash.
  5. Preparation of the Annual Parish Financial Report for the diocese.
  6. Keeping parishioners informed of the financial activities of the parish through an annual report to parishioners.
  7. Safeguarding the ownership of parish assets, including the putting in place of adequate insurance cover.
  8. Advising and assisting the parish in its fundraising activities.

The Parish Priest appoints members to the Committee, and selects the Chairperson who should be a lay person experienced in financial and business matters.

The committee is required to meet at least quarterly.

To view our  Audited Accounts for the Financial years 2015 and 2016 please click below :


Click on the link below to see a schedule of work carried out in recent years (Scroll through the PDF to see each years’ work)


Divine Word Parish Financial Update 2015 – 2016



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