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Liturgy Group


The Mission Statement for the Liturgy Group

“Our aim as members of the Divine Word Parish Liturgy Group is to improve and maintain the quality of worship during our liturgies; to ensure good energetic and meaningful celebrations; to encourage the full and active participation of the entire congregation; and to promote an increased understanding of worship in the Catholic Church”

This Mission Statement provides the focus for the Liturgy Group’s efforts, articulates its values -service, integrity, faith, compassion-, its vision –helping the faith community to grow in the spiritual life- and purpose -to promote an increased understanding of worship in the Catholic Church and also as an effective tool for decision making and communication.

      The Liturgy Group currently consists of the following members:

Andrew Smyth (Chair.)

Margaret Beardmore (Secretary)

Libby Conway (Liaison Officer)

Email: lconconway1@gmail.com

Members: Barbara Goff, Noel Keegan,  Joan Smyth




  • Plan and prepare the Liturgy for Sunday masses , for seasonal and occasional liturgies and for other liturgical events arranged at different times of the year;
  • To assist and support other ministries and groups involved in the Liturgy;
  • To encourage all those who take part in the Church’s Liturgies;
  • To welcome suggestions from parishioners;
  • To increase the participation of the faith community in the liturgy and
  • To contribute to the change in our Dublin and Irish church involving greater cooperation with the parishes next doo




The Group meets on the second Tuesdayof each month, excepting summer months 



Recent Notices for This Group

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