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Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a voluntary body set up in accordance with decrees of Vatican 2  whereby the clergy and laity of the Parish join together as Christ’s faithful in promoting the Christian life of the Parish. The council is made up of 8-12 parishioners who serve for a minimum period of three years, along with the priests of the parish.

Our Mission: To engage with our Parish Community and with one another, to share their gifts and to live out the values of Christ in everyday living.


Through our Baptism we are called to be the presence of Jesus Christ in the world today.

We therefore seek to build a community of people aspiring to a way of life based on the Gospel and celebrated through Liturgy and the Sacraments.

By living this way of life the uniqueness of each individual is treasured.

Their gifts and talents are called forth for the service of all people in this place and beyond in a loving, caring and generous way.


Current members

Chair: Mary Meagher

Secretary:  Ruth Cronin

Cora King,  John McKennedy, Mary O’Sullivan,

David Ross, Declan Scallan, Fr Jim Mulherin OSM


The work listed below has been carried out in conjunction with

the Parish Finance Team and the Maintenance group

WORK CARRIED OUT 2013 to 2015



Recent Notices for This Group

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