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Servite Secular Order

The Order of the Secular Servants of Mary [OSSM] is a branch of the wider Servite Family. It is made up of individuals, single and married, who wish to share in the spirituality of the friars. Members are given the opportunity to live out their Baptismal call in their own families and communities and to be inspired by the lives of the Seven Holy Founders of the Servite Order.

The members look to Mary as the one who teaches them how to respond to God’s call and to serve His people. They seek abiding inspiration from Mary at the foot of the Cross to stand with her at the foot of so many crosses where people are suffering today, manifesting God’s compassionate presence. As part of a large family the members support each other to live out their calling as best they can in their family, work and social lives and in their active involvement in the Church and the world.

Secular Servites live the Christian values of Faith, Hope and Love. They pray and try to read scripture each day and/or recite the Liturgy of the Hours.


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