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The installation  of a webcam in our church in 2015 fulfilled a long-held ambition of the Parish Pastoral Council. For many years Mass has been broadcast from this church over the Parish Radio; this remains in place and continues to be of great service. The radio, however has a limited range whereas the webcam, streamed through the parish website, can be accessed anywhere in the world via the internet. 

Being able to see the Mass and other services live is obviously much appreciated by parishioners who are ill or housebound and who are such an important part of our Eucharistic Community. It is also a lovely connection with home for parishioners living abroad.

Installing the camera and connecting it to the internet, with all its associated technical requirements, was a costly undertaking that was funded entirely by a parishioner to whom we extend our sincerest thanks for such great generosity.     

We hope you enjoy our services wherever in the world you may be.