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In the absence of indoor church collections we have been receiving requests as to how donations can be made to the Parish or to the Dublin diocese.

This can be done by using the Donate Button on the home page of this website. Clicking on this button leads to a Payzone connection where donations can be made securely.

To make a Payzone donation it is necessary to create an account in your name whic can then be used for future donations.

Please refer to the link below which will help you create an account.


It is also possible, as many people have done, to drop donations, Mass offerings or the green Family Envelopes into the letterbox at the Parish House.


The following is how the various collections are administered:

Parishioners contribute to the Family Offering primarily by standing order or the weekly envelope collection. These monies are directly used in the upkeep of our church and related premises, the payment of administrative and other costs.


  1. The Common Fund Collection together with the Christmas and Easter Dues are deposited in a Diocesan fund from which the upkeep of sick and retired priests is paid.  The remaining funds are distributed as salary to the priests of the diocese.  Falling contributions to this collection, coupled with increasing costs such as medical and nursing home care for retired priests has resulted in a reduction in individual priests’ salary over the past three years.
  1. The Share Collection is used to support certain diocesan services, and to provide basic facilities in less privileged parishes in the diocese.
  2. As a registered charity the parish can avail of a tax refund where an individual parishioner’s accumulated annual contributions to the family offering are in excess of €250.  The level of refund is linked to the rate of tax paid by the individual contributing parishioner.  To enable the parish to make the claim, the parish must obtain the tax reference number of each contributing parishioner on an annual basis.  We therefore urge those of you who are not participating in this scheme to assist us by providing these details when requested to do so, as it is a vital source of income for the parish, with no additional cost to the contributor.