This is a list of all parish and community groups and notices which relate to each. Click on the group name below for more information.

Adoration Group

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament takes place twice weekly.

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Altar Servers

Contact Siobhan Gentleman through the Parish Office. Altar Servers are an important part of Church services. New Servers are always welcome.

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Baptism Team

Parish Application Form: To request baptism for your child, please contact the Parish Secretary, at the Parish Office, situated in the Parish Centre beside the Church (Tel. 01-4944295).  There is a requirement of 6 weeks notice.  You will be given the Application Form and the Baptismal Literature at the Office.

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Bethany Bereavement Group

Divine Word Bethany Bereavement Support Group.

The Bethany Support Group is a voluntary parish based ministry which aims to help those bereaved and grieving who are asking for help and provides the bereaved the opportunity to talk in confidence with a trained listener.

The name ‘Bethany Bereavement Support Group’ is derived from the story of Jesus’ friends Martha & Mary who lived in a village called Bethany and grieved over the death of their brother Lazarus.

Members will be available on the third Tuesday of the month in the Parish centre from 7pm to 8pm.

The confidential contact number is 087 447 0369

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Bible Study

Wednesdays at 10.30AM (after 10AM Mass ) in the Founders room in the Church.

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Childrens Liturgy

This group is also known as the Storytelling Group. Each Sunday during the 10.30am Mass, children from four to seven years old are invited to the Founders Room in the church. They are accompanied by two catechists who explain the Gospel of the day in terms that the children can understand. Through story telling and drawing the children learn about

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Choir – Junior

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Choir – Senior


The choir meet each Thursday night at 7.30pm for rehearsal and sing a variety of modern and traditional material at the Vigil Mass on Saturday evening at 6pm.

The Parish choir was formed in 1998 with  8 members and since then has gone from strength to strength and now has a membership of over 20. It is

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Indoor Church Collectors Rota Sep 2nd – Dec 30th 2018

The Church Collectors gather the collection bags at each Mass and ensure that empty bags are in place for the following Mass.



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Confirmation Team


Preparation for Confirmation is undertaken in a collaborative programme involving the School and a Parish-based Group of parents of the Confirmation candidates.



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Curam Group

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Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee is an advisory committee assisting the Parish Priest by clarifying the issues and making recommendations so that he is fully aware of all aspects of parish finances when making any particular decision.


Al McCauley
Phone: 087-2813888
Email: [email protected]

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First Holy Communion Team

The Parish First Holy Communion Preparation Group prepares the Masses

and other services within the Do This In Memory Of Me programme.

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Funeral Group

The main role of the Funeral team is to represent the parish faith community at each funeral and be available to assist the officiating priest and the bereaved family in whatever way possible.

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Liturgy Group

“Our aim as members of the Divine Word Parish Liturgy Group is to improve and maintain the quality of worship during our liturgies; to ensure good energetic and meaningful celebrations; to encourage the full and active participation of the entire congregation; and to promote an increased understanding of worship in the Catholic Church”

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Macalla Group

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A number of parishioners assist on a voluntary basis with professional advice and practical help to maintain the church and parish centre buildings and grounds.

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Ministers of the Eucharist

Eucharistic Ministers Rota March – April 2020

Eucharistic Ministers Rota January – February 2020
















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Ministers of the Word

Ministers of the word April – June 2020


Ministers of the Word January, February & March 2020















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Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a voluntary body set up in accordance with decrees of Vatican 2  whereby the clergy and laity of the Parish join together as Christ’s faithful in promoting the Christian life of the Parish. The council is made up of 8-12 parishioners who serve for a minimum period of three years, along with the priests

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Parish Shop

The bookshop is situated in the porch inside the door leading from the car park and is open at Mass times.

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Prayer Group

The Prayer Group meets at 8pm every Tuesday  in the Founders Room in the church

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Safeguarding Group

Our Parish continues to implement the Diocesan Policy on Child Safeguarding and Protection.

The Policy and related procedures are implemented by the various Parish Groups who deal with children and vulnerable adults.

The Policy Statement is prominently displayed at all the entrances to the Church and the Parish Centre, along with useful phone numbers for anyone who has concerns.

See our Safeguarding Children page here for more info

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Saint Peregrine Group


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Servite Secular Order

The Order of the Secular Servants of Mary [OSSM] is a branch of the wider Servite Family.

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Vincent De Paul Society

Society of St. Vincent De Paul
Divine Word Conference
Marley Grange, Dublin, 16.

The Confidential phone number is 086 124 8957
This Confidential number can be used to seek support in confidence from our conference at any time.

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Website Team

Items for inclusion on the website or updates to existing information should be communicated to the Parish Secretary.

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