These notes will be helpful to you in planning your church wedding:

  • Book the Church as soon as you know your date of marriage.    You are welcome to have your own priest to officiate at the wedding – if you need Fr. Jim Mulherin, parish priest of Marley to officiate please check his availability before any final arrangements are made re hotel etc.
  • If you are still living in this parish at least 3 months prior to wedding make an appointment with the priest to complete Pre Nuptial Papers.    Bring your current Baptismal Certificate (issued 6 months prior to wedding) and Confirmation Certificate.   If you were baptised and confirmed in the Divine Word Church your certificates will be done from the office here.
  • If living outside of the parish for more than 12 months make an appointment with the priest of the parish you are now living in.   (If any difficulty Fr. Jim will help with the paperwork)To fulfil the requirements laid down  by the State, three months’ notice must be given by the couple to the Registrar of Marriages, Joyce House, Lombard Street, Tel. No. 01 863 8200.

The couple will be required to bring the following documentation to the registrar’s office:

  1. Photo identity (preferably a passport or driving license)
  2. Names and dates of birth of witnesses
  3. Name of the church where they wish to be married
  4. Date of marriage
  5. Name of priest who will officiate at the marriage
  6. Check that the celebrant is  a registered solemniser – if in doubt telephone  0906 632 964
  • Music, flowers, photography etc. required for the celebration of your marriage are the responsibility of the parties concerned.

The suggested donation for:

Baptismal Certificate: €5.00
Confirmation Certificate: €5.00
Completion of Marriage Papers by priest: €50.00
Booking of Church for a Wedding:

  • Parishioner: €200.00
  • Non Parishioner: €300.00

The office is open Monday to Thursday from 9.00 a.m. – 1.00p.m.

Phone: 494 4295
Parish Secretary: Mary Molloy
Parish Priest: Fr. Jim Mulherin OSM